Sun City Center Security Patrol, Inc.​


Maintain high visibility.Watch for and record information about suspicious persons and/or vehicles.

Observe irregular and/or unusual activities involving property, vehicles or people.

Provide assistance to residents and visitors.


   Point of contact with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office and other law enforcement agencies and officials. 

   Maintain a file on incidents reported and follow-up information, if available.


   Provides emergency traffic control and back-up support for the Emergency Squad, Fire Department and Sheriff's office, when called upon to do so.

   Provides courtesy escort and aid to the lost, stranded, and others who request such services.

Maintains House Watch files.

Performs Golf Cart inspection and registration.​

Lost and Found persons, pets & objects


Silver Alert Search Team

We have a search team that supplement’s the HCSO “Silver Alert” for Alzheimer's or dementia patients   who may have wandered away.
We provide meeting space for HOA's and clubs on a first come, first served basis
We have “House Emergency Notification” cards for our snowbirds or vacationing residents.
We partner with animal lover groups to reunite residents with lost pets
We patrol each neighborhood about 1500 times each year
We have 600+ volunteers patrolling over 125,000 miles each year
We provide security vehicles for in-home Craigslist transactions
We are the community location for lost and found items
We do golf cart registration for the entire area
We provide after-hours rides for patients released from South Bay
We volunteer over 30,000 hours annually
We do wellness checks when a resident can not be contacted

Our Corporate Documents

Articles of Incorporation

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